Local Shelter Shares Importance of ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ This Holiday Season

EDINBURGH, TX (ValleyCentral) – Gifting season is upon us, and as families reflect on what they can give loved ones for Christmas, one common gift is animals.

“The kids open a box with a wonderful little puppy or kitten inside and you know it’s a great memory to have as a family,” said Donna Casamento, executive director of the Palm Valley Animal Society.

While pets are popular gifts during the holidays, Casamento expresses the importance of adopting.

“No matter what time of year, we hope people adopt without shopping, you know, buying animals from breeders, there are a lot of big animals from breeders, but we have so many in our shelters. who need help, ”she said.

Animals are a great addition to the family while on vacation, but there are times when they are abandoned at shelters. Casamento said families should be 100% sure the animal will be well received.

“Do your homework first, if grandpa and grandma want their grandchild to have a puppy or kitten or an adult dog, be sure to speak with mom and dad first to make sure it’s a welcome gift, ”she said.

For families who wish to give a puppy or kitten to a loved one or for themselves, it is important to prepare for this responsibility.

“Bring them into the house and give them some time so that they aren’t bombarded and overwhelmed by all the things that go on during the holidays,” Casamento said. “Give them some time off, if you have other pets in the house make sure you introduce them slowly. “

The shelter currently has a lot of animals, from puppies, kittens to adult dogs.

“We try to keep our kennels at no more than 2 dogs per kennel and for that we need people to come in and adopt,” Casamento said.

If you are ready to add a pet to your family, you can find more information at pvastx.org/adopt.

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