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Photo by Shelley Smith-Jones
Jacco in fire evacuation: enduring a year of extremes.

The puppy has been with us for a year now. When it happened last Christmas, I promised I wouldn’t be that crazy female dog and bore you with doggy stories. However, after reflecting on the last difficult year as it comes to an end, I realized that having the puppy has been a learning experience, as well as an added value and worth it. share.

Having a puppy is like being a parent again. The first shock to the system is the loss of sleep, because the baby has to be clean. The moan of the night signals the call, followed by the early morning rehearsal. It doesn’t help that in Mazama the snow in January is several feet high and a path has to be shoveled to the place of the potty or the puppy disappears in the white matter. Until the little guy learns to ask outside to do his business, parents are on high alert to avoid unwanted “accidents”.

Reading puppy training books and attending puppy training classes is imperative for new parents. The smart little guy quickly learns some answers. Others he chooses to ignore. Surprisingly, as a toddler, he begins to develop his recognized vocabulary as we have resorted to spelling certain words like “snack”. You can’t help but laugh when you realize you spell for a dog!

I think the dog must be inherently Buddhist. It is a lesson in “living in the present”. You don’t tell him something that is going to happen in an hour or the next, like naming someone who is coming to visit him. For the puppy, that means NOW, which triggers a flurry of activity while waiting for the door to open. Any reference to time other than the present is not in its wheelhouse.

It is said that “curiosity killed the cat”, but the same could be said of the dog. Everything that is accessible is intriguing. A firm ‘no’ is heard, but sometimes the second half of the saying is worth a try. “Satisfaction brought him back.” When the forbidden inspection of the curious object takes place outside the presence of the human people, it proudly prances to where we are, object in tow to inform us that it has something it is not supposed to. to have. Good boy! Now let it go. Yes indeed!

Everything gets a little more complicated with a puppy. In this year of extremes, leaving your puppy in the vehicle while they shop, ride a horse, eat out, or go to the movies has often not been an option. This week, for example, it would be child abuse to leave the little man in the car when the temperatures are freezing and cold. On these occasions we have had puppy sitters. Every dog ​​owner says the puppy will come out of the chewing frenzy and eventually take a nap while we are away. This day will be paradise.

Traveling with a dog brings another set of circumstances. For a trip to Montana in September, I had to give up my life to have the puppy in the VRBO house. It was perfect, however, and I didn’t have to make a claim on the required insurance. While attending a one day event during the July 100 degrees, I discovered Of course, there are licensed dog sitters wherever you need them. Pup-a-dup didn’t like staying with a stranger, but he survived (and so did I).

Evacuation of the summer fires was another story. Our benefactress had her own little Corgi so she greeted us (maybe later with a few regrets). The two dogs were determined to chase each other and play until they fell. However, little Teddy, being a little older and more knowledgeable, didn’t need to have a puppy-proof home. Here is Jacco with a bite of wrapping paper from its storage under the bed. Whoops! Thank you Mary Pat for your patience.

For all the hassle, there is no such thing as a welcome tail swing from a loyal companion.

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