Metro Richmond’s first dog park bar arrives at Scott’s Addition


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Natalie Moore got the idea to start a new business, called Ruff Canine Club, after visiting a dog park bar in Greensboro, North Carolina called Doggo’s Dog Park and Pub.

The upcoming Kennel Club at Scott’s Addition this fall will be the first of its kind in Metro Richmond.

The park and bar will be located on an acre lot right next to the new headquarters of laboratory equipment supplier Grenova.

Moore, a native of Tennessee and a University of Virginia graduate, said she and her boyfriend met many of their friends at their apartment complex’s dog park when they first moved to Richmond because it was the only place they could spend time during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing this, she noticed the need in the Richmond area for a place where dogs and their humans could socialize.

“I think it’s just a really unique opportunity for newcomers to Richmond to find some kind of community,” Moore said in an interview with 8News Tuesday.

The Ruff Canine Club on Ellen Road will have a big opening celebration on October 30 with giveaways, live music and a cartoonist artist.

The first phase of the Ruff Canine Club dog park bar will open at the end of October 2021. (Photo: 8News reporter Sabrina Shutters)

Moore said she plans to have a smooth opening for the new business about a week before the big opening party.

She said the park bar would have the ability for dog owners to connect to Wi-Fi, allowing those who had to work from home to have another option instead of staying indoors all day .

“A lot of people are going to continue to stay away and I know there are a lot of amazing places around Richmond that support working from home and so this is one that we want to add to the list,” he said. she told 8News.

Moore said the turf at the Ruff Canine Club is irrigated, allowing water to run around to clean it. After hours, the grass is sanitized with a chemical that Moore says poses no risk to dog safety.

For humans, Moore plans to have yoga incorporating beer and dogs, a park food menu with beer and wine, seating, garden games like the cornhole, and live acoustic music.

Visitors can also see dog trainers with tips and tricks, vets and groomers on hand to help dog owners.

The purchased membership is for the dog, not the human. Moore said a day pass costs $ 10, a monthly pass is $ 30, and an annual membership for a single dog household is $ 275. There are other prices for a two dog family membership.

Each human can bring up to two dogs and visitors are welcome to come without a dog.

Moore said monitors will be on hand to monitor the dogs’ aggressive behavior, but no breed is barred from joining.

Customer service staff will also help visitors understand park rules in the separate areas for small and large dogs.

A dog must be spayed or neutered after one year of age and there is a list of strokes that are required for your dog to enter the club.

Moore said the park uses software to download a dog’s vaccination records. He’ll email dog owners when it’s time to take new photos.

She plans to partner with local businesses to host events in the park and said the new venture will boost the region’s economy.

“As growth takes hold in this area with renovations with the diamond that a lot of people are looking at and the VCU Sports Village, I think it’s going to really strengthen that part of the community overall,” he said. she declared.

Moore said she plans to add seasonal activities like dog swimming in 2022.

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