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Dear Miss Manners: Our pandemic puppy has a lot of energy, so we often take him for walks. I try to keep her on the sidewalk or the dog lane (the grass between the sidewalk and the street).

Luckily for me, she never does her business on walks, so I don’t need to carry a bag with me. However, if there is an empty soda bottle or other trash in these areas, she loves to pick it up. I always tell her to drop it, and she does it in a few steps.

Once my pup picks it up, is it my responsibility? What if she carries it from the sidewalk in front of one house to the next house? Sometimes I don’t want to pick up anything because it’s dirty. Should I send it back to where it started? Should I just tell him to let it go and keep moving?

The trash can is a A kind of “9/10 of the law” proposal. Once it is in your possession — or in the possession of your assignees — it is yours.

Since you were lucky not to have to deal with sidewalk “business”, consider that your reward and start bringing bags and gloves anyway. Or, suggests Miss Manners, help your dog unlearn that particular trick.

Dear Miss Manners: I am 54 years old and I have a friend who is 81. We meet for “movie nights” on Fridays.

I was away for several weeks, and when I got back, I checked to see if we were there for that Friday. She said “Yes, come.” When I arrived she was very sick – she was constantly coughing. She said it was a bad cold, not covid, but she hadn’t been tested so she wasn’t sure.

I stayed that night, although I felt very uncomfortable, and then my husband and I ended up wearing masks the following week at our house. I wanted to make sure I didn’t give him anything.

I ended up being fine and didn’t get sick. I told her I’d like her to get tested before we meet again, and she texted me back, “OK.” It still hasn’t been tested and our next meeting is coming up. She was vaccinated, but no booster.

What would you do? My husband has comorbidities, so I have to be careful with him; also, I am still working and I have to be careful with my colleagues.

Am I overreacting? Who tells a friend to come over when he’s really sick??

Remember when he was it considered a sign of brave stoicism to carry on (and infect everyone) when one was sick?

Those days, Miss Manners assures you, are over. Rather than scolding your friend directly, perhaps you can say, “I haven’t heard from you, so I guess you haven’t received your test results yet.” Maybe instead of our movie night, I’ll drop off some soup. Let me know when you are fully recovered so we can resume.

And then wait as long as it’s currently recommended – and until you feel safe – before letting your schedule open up again.

[Find the latest coronavirus guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.]

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