More than 20 pets made it safely to Oshkosh event

MENASHA, Wis. (WFRV) – Twenty-four pets were successfully surrendered at an Exotic Pet Surrender event held in Oshkosh on Saturday.

The event, which took place at the Coughlin Center, gave pet owners the opportunity to safely release their pets if they could no longer properly care for the animal.

According to J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue, local organizations accepted fish, invertebrates, reptiles, pet birds, small mammals and plants.

Organizations from the region that attended included:

  • Archie’s Angels
  • Wisconsin Sugar Glider Sanctuary and Rescue
  • Roseberry Bird Rescue
  • Wisconsin Reptile Rescue
  • Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance
  • Winnebago Waterways
  • University of Wisconsin Sea Grant/Water Resources Institutes

“We are also focused as an educational organization. We work with many veterinary clinics, schools, libraries, pet stores, anything and everything. We go there and teach them Archie’s story so that what happened to him can be avoided,” said Raija Hansen, President and Founder of Archie’s Animals.

The story Hansen is referring to is that of a savannah monitor lizard named Archie. Rescuers say Archie had been malnourished and cared for before he was released. Now, Archie’s story serves as an example of the importance of safely and properly abandoning your pet if you can no longer provide adequate care for the animal.

Additionally, J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue officials have stated that releasing a pet into the environment is harmful to both the animal and the environment, so pet owners should instead seek out options for repatriation.

A rabbit, a python, a parakeet and several turtles were among the 24 animals given out at the Oshkosh event.

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