“My nephew stole £2,000 from me when I gave him a job – his mum wants me to lie about it”

A woman has shared the tricky position she found herself in after her nephew stole thousands of pounds from her small business and then named her as a job reference

The nephew stole money from their small family business (stock photo)

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, but small businesses have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

So the idea of ​​someone taking advantage of a small business is pretty awful because they’re already struggling to stay afloat.

This is why a woman was horrified to find out that her husband’s nephew had stolen money from their family business.

The unnamed woman revealed the delicate situation in a letter to a dying aunt who recently resurfaced online, explaining that she and her husband had hired the 19-year-old to help them with their work, because he did not. had no other. professional experience.

However, she claims they discovered he had stolen more than £2,000 ($4,000 AUD) in petty cash from them over the past year.

Her sister-in-law wants her to lie about what happened (stock photo)


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Writing to Slate.com’s Dear Prudence, the woman told how their accountant discovered the money was missing and they caught their nephew as a thief on security tapes.

“My sister-in-law refunded us the money so we wouldn’t file a complaint. Her son apologized saying we had paid him poorly and he didn’t think we would notice,” he said. she explained.

However, following the incident, the teenager decided to use his aunt and uncle as references when applying for a new job.

The woman says she has since been contacted by several potential employers about her and refuses to lie about what happened.

“I was honest and told them he robbed us and couldn’t be trusted to handle cash,” she said. “Some of that came back to my sister-in-law, who accused me of ‘sabotaging’ her son. He ‘paid’ for his rights and I countered that she paid for them and nothing in her behavior before or since show remorse. I’m not gonna lie for a thief.”

She adds that she thinks it would be “unethical” of her not to warn future employers what they might be getting into, but her sister-in-law is convinced she is trying to “ ruin” his son.

Her husband wants to raise his arms in the air for all this, but she doesn’t know what to do, so she asked Prudence (Danny M) for advice.

The dying aunt called the teenager ‘surprisingly naive’ to expect a good reference after his actions and advised the woman to have them removed as references.

“If your LIS says ‘But how will he find a job without your references?’ or any variation of it, you just have to say, “I don’t know. He’ll have to find out.”

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