New Lincoln Park Coffee, a tea shop attracts roasters from across the United States

190 Coffee and Tea is located at 1831 West Michigan Street in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – These are drinks enjoyed all year round in Northland, however, a hot cup of tea or coffee on a harsh winter’s day can be satisfying beyond words.

“That’s exactly what I signed up for, it’s ten degree negative weather, that’s what I wanted,” said Corey Roysdon, chief executive of 190 Coffee and tea.

You could say the decision to move to Duluth was a caffeinated commitment for Roysdon.

“I love the coffee community and culture. I love the craftsmanship related to coffee and teas,” Roysdon said.

Born and raised in San Diego, Roysdon came to feel the extreme heat felt in the Southwest.

“We’re going to attract and bring in coffee and roasters from all over the country,” Roysdon said.

The Northland newbie is now bringing his coffee and tea expertise to Lincoln Park’s newest addition, 190 Coffee and Tea.

“I want to create a space where people can meet while doing work and meetings,” Roysdon said.

The store specializes in sourcing its products locally. Whether it’s a collaboration with Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa or a fresh drop from Duluth Coffee Company, the taste is more than satisfying.

“A big seller was our Chai Latte, we actually soaked all the ingredients in oat milk for 24 hours,” Roysdon said.

190 will soon bring roasters from places like Portland, Oregon and parts of Arizona. For now, as the business begins to flourish, they are eager to connect with neighbors and new customers.

“We keep seeing people come down with their dogs and we like to create a space where they can come and have coffee with their dog.”

190 Coffee and Tea is located in the Enger Lofts building in the Lincoln Park Craft District.

The development is currently leased and is expected to open this fall.

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