Operation Sunflower Moves Pets Affected by Hurricane Ida to South Dakota


BROOKINGS, SD (KELO) – A group of pets were airlifted out of the hurricane-prone area in Lafayette, Louisiana today. They arrived in Sioux Falls this morning and then traveled to animal shelters throughout the area. Here is an overview of Operation Tournesol.

“Look at you. Welcome to South Dakota.

Moiria Curry welcomed ten new cats and kittens to Brookings one at a time.

“I am so excited to have this opportunity for a new life then,” said Moiria Curry of the Brookings Regional Humane Society.

But Curry’s bond with the kittens runs deeper, she grew up in Louisiana.

“It was really wonderful to welcome these animals from a place I have been, a place close to my heart to another place close to my heart where we really have this goal of helping all of them. animals as we can, ”said Curry.

90 animals have moved out of the flood zone to make room for stray and injured animals that show up in shelters along the Gulf Coast. Greater Good Charities coordinated the transportation and Hills Feed paid for the flight.

“They’ll go to Brookings, they’ll go to Yankton. They go to Sioux City, we even have transportation to Watertown and some go to Fargo, ”said Darci Adams of Greater Good Charities.

“These guys are Hurricane Ida survivors, they were the adoptable pets in the shelters there, just waiting for homes,” Curry said.

“It’s a bit bittersweet, I’m really excited and humbled that they are entrusting us with these animals, but my heart goes out to those affected and those still around, who are dealing with the hurricane firsthand, Said Maia Moore, Executive Director of the Brookings Regional Humane Society.

Flood pets saw clouds over Sioux Falls airport and sunflowers on the ground. Curry and Adams say “Sunflower” is the perfect name for this operation.

“When you think of sunflowers you think of the bright and the future and they always look upward,” Curry said.

“We want these guys to look to their future and we’re going to help them find that future,” Adams said.

“Salma and Jasmine… Welcome to South Dakota.”

Most of the animals have been spayed, neutered and microchipped, so they will be ready for adoption immediately.

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