Pawject Runway Dog Fashion Show Raises Money for Animal Rescue | Local

Dogs and volunteer escorts strutted the catwalk – or in this case, “dogwalk” – for the Pawject Runway Dog Fashion Show, benefiting Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue.

The dogs and puppies were dressed their best, a treat awaited them at the end of the trail. Some dogs were kept on a leash while others were held or carried in bags.

As the dogs posed, sat or lay down at the end of the trail, mistress of ceremonies Liz Duesenberg – of “Liz and Scottie in the Morning” radio fame – announced each dog’s story. Every model in the series was a rescue dog, and some were offered for adoption.

Audrey Schlosser wears Gurtie in the Kurgo K9 backpack during Thursday’s fashion show at Bur Oak Brewing Company.

Audrey Schlosser, left, and Josie Schlosser walk Ruby

Audrey Schlosser, left, and Josie Schlosser take Ruby down the track Thursday at Bur Oak Brewing Company. The two sisters are the youngest staff at Lizzi & Rocco and have volunteered there for years.

Puppies patterned coats, bandanas and pajamas. Unchained Melodies volunteers wore matching accessories.

“One of the things I love about Unchained Melodies is that we take these dogs and get them ready for their homes,” said volunteer Emmi Weiner, firmly holding the leash of energetic boxer Sadie, who had intend to escape.

Not only were the dogs part of the fun, but many local businesses such as Lovely Jubbly Ornament participated in the event.

Daisy shows off her bandana

Daisy shows off her bandana Thursday at Bur Oak Brewing Company. After Daisy’s parade, her puppies, which are available for adoption, appeared in front of the crowd.

10-year-old Kaileigh McDonnell makes eye contact with Chance

Kaileigh McDonnell, 10, makes eye contact with Chances Thursday at Bur Oak Brewing Company. Kaileigh’s family runs a fluid acrylic art store, Jam Fluid Art, and had a booth displaying their creations during the fundraiser.

“Right now I have ornaments for Halloween and Christmas,” said owner Chelsea Peters, who makes handmade ornaments for sale locally.

Other gifts for sale at the event included handmade hair accessories, dog treats, jewelry, woolen mittens, and mugs.

A bake sale also raised funds for Unchained Melodies.

“That’s it for the rescue, all the donations and all the volunteers did stuff,” said volunteer Vanessa Lemons.

Betty is fed a treat

Betty gets a treat Thursday at Bur Oak Brewing Company. Betty wore a Kurgo K9 Core sweater in heather red.

Jean Bogart Pets Sadie

Jean Bogart strokes Sadie during Thursday’s fashion show at Bur Oak Brewing Company. Sadie wore a reversible Kurgo Loft jacket in Liberty Floral and Magenta.

“Pawject Runway started 10 years ago at Lizzi & Rocco’s original location,” said Melody Whitworth, director of Unchained Melodies. “We started this show with 12 people in attendance.”

The benefit, in its ninth year (after missing an annual event last year due to COVID-19), started out as a small event but has grown year on year.

The first salon in Lizzi & Rocco’s original and smaller location quickly grew into a bigger showcase. After that, the show made its way to the Maplewood Barn Theater before finally landing at its location for that year – Bur Oak Brewing, Whitworth said.

Mikaela Adams Holds Peanut

Mikaela Adams owns Peanut Thursday at Bur Oak Brewing Company. Peanut wore a FabDog Chevron sweater and a bowler coat.

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