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CLAREMORE, Okla. – Claremore Animal Control investigates complaints about a local groomer.

In a Facebook group, some former customers and employees said the company, Clips and Bows, injured pets. The company’s attorney said “the social media campaign against the company is unfounded”.

The story begins when Debbie Haddock took her 17-year-old dog, Yogi Bear, to Clips and Bows in Claremore a few months ago. She says she has been there before and never had a problem. When she took it this time, he had a nosebleed.

Haddock says, “She (the groomer) said she had a nosebleed, and I said she was 17 and never had a nosebleed.”

Haddock adds, “Something was wrong; you know when you just got a feeling sometimes?

Her granddaughter heard what happened and later posted about the experience in a Facebook group. This post had about 250 comments. Some customers have commented, saying they trust the owner and have used the business for years.

Others shared their own experiences; some say their pets left with injuries.

Shari Paddlety-Dodd says she took her cat Pursey to Clips and Bows before Thanksgiving. She says: “When I picked him up that day from the groomers, she pointed him out to me and asked if he had a runny eye.”

A few days later, a vet had to remove that leaky eye, and it cost over $900. Shari says, “I kept asking what would cause this? How did it happen; she said scratching wouldn’t have done that. He would either have had to be nicked in the eye or blunt force trauma. She said that’s usually what causes a pet to lose its eyes.

While the vet had no proof it happened at the groomer, now, a month later, some of those owners have reported their stories to local animal control. Fox23 contacted Claremore Animal Control. They say they have recently started receiving complaints and reports that they are looking into.

Shari says, “There are too many similar stories to be a coincidence…I don’t want anyone else to go through this.

SueAnn Jones says she is a former Clips and Bows employee. She adds: “Those who were quite aggressive; if they were going to bite, she put clippers in their mouths, and I watched her hit them. Jones says she quit working there.

Haddock says the law firm representing Clips and Bows Pet Grooming sent a letter to her granddaughter in the mail. Parts of it read: “Our client acknowledges that your grandmother’s dog had a nosebleed during her visit.”

He adds: “Our client was transparent and made no attempt to cover up the nosebleed.” He responds to the original Facebook post, where Haddock’s granddaughter alleges other injuries, stating “we require you to provide documentation of veterinary treatment…” Finally, he asks the family to “delete all statements defamatory writings”.

FOX23 asked Haddock if his family would take down his statement on Facebook. She says, “No, we’re not deleting this message; there are too many comments.

She says, “Our animals; we take them and give them to someone. It’s like you do with your children in daycare. We expect them to take care of themselves. She says she hopes there will be a more formal investigation.

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