Pets cared for and adopted after ex-Marine dies in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS — Students and faculty at APEX College of Veterinary Technology are stepping up to make sure one of its students, who was killed in a shooting in August, takes care of his pets beloved.

On the evening of Sunday, August 7, 26-year-old Alex Paz was found dead at the scene of a shooting involving an officer, which also resulted in the death of El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Peery .

“We here at Apex, faculty and students, are devastated by his loss. Alex was a very kind person and such an animal lover,” Paz’s colleagues said.

Paz’s college family said Paz left behind her pet dogs, rabbits, snakes and a lizard monitor lizard. All of his pets were taken to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR).

According to Paz’s colleagues, all of her dogs have been adopted except for a furry friend. That’s when the APEX College de Paz family stepped up to make sure all of their animal friends were taken care of.

“We were concerned about her oldest dog with health issues, as HSPPR did not believe she was a great candidate for adoption,” APEX says.

Moxxie, one of Paz’s oldest dogs, suffered from a variety of health issues, including a serious dental issue that put his life at risk. Fearing that she would be euthanized, an APEX student decided to adopt Moxxie.

Staff and students provided free dental care to Moxxie, extracting 19 of her infected teeth. According to APEX, getting rid of the infected teeth will make her feel better and help her live longer.

According to college APEX, Paz was about to graduate from their veterinary school and had a bright future ahead of her. The college will issue Paz with an honorary degree, which will be mailed to his family.

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