Pets locked in Bengaluru doctor’s house rescued

The animals were trapped in the house sealed by a bank because the owner had not lent

The animals were trapped in the house sealed by a bank because the owner had not lent

Municipal police came to the rescue on Thursday of pets locked in a doctor’s house sealed by a bank. The Hindu had reported that Priyadarshini’s pets were locked in her house in Rajarajeshwarinagar when the bank sealed her off as she defaulted on a loan. Animals included two cats, a turtle, two puppies and an aquarium.

A member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and animal rights activist, Arun Prasad, posted the story on his Twitter account and tagged senior police officials.

“We have just experienced the true impact of the media. DCP West immediately reacted to this cruelty and asked the Rajarajeshwarinagar police to rescue these animals quickly. They contacted the bank and an official came without the key. There was no other option, so the police brought in a carpenter, opened the window and rescued those trapped animals,” he said.

Veterinarians have been kept on standby in case the rescued animals need emergency care and shelter. After a check, the animals were handed over to the owner.

Dr Priyadarshini said The Hindu“I am grateful to the police and the media for taking immediate action. My pets are dehydrated as they have not been given food or water. However, she said a puppy and a cat were missing from the call and suspected they may have fled in fear when bank officials sealed off the house.

Sub-Inspector Adarsh ​​H. Rajarajeshwarinagar Police Station, who led the rescue operation, said: “When we received the complaint that domestic animals were trapped inside, we immediately went to the scene. But since it was by order of the court, we couldn’t rescue them until we got permission from higher authorities. As soon as we received the instructions from the DCP, we informed the bank and the owner of the house, opened the window, and rescued all the animals trapped inside and handed them over to the owner. We did it to save these living animals because it is our responsibility to protect the animals too.

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