PHOTOS: Franklin County Tech School hosts first Trunk-or-Treat event


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TURNERS FALLS – Superintendent Richard Martin is happy to report that Franklin County Tech School successfully hosted a trunk or treat event last week before Halloween weekend.

The event, which has traditionally been billed as “Trek @ Tech,” would involve school teachers decorating the doors of their classrooms and trick-or-treaters enjoying an indoor celebration. The event was canceled last year due to the pandemic, and organizers have decided this year to hold the event outdoors for safety reasons.

On Thursday, October 28, cars lined the school parking lot with decorated trunks, and teachers (along with a few families) distributed candy to the hundreds of children who attended. The school provided most of the candy, with the rest donated by the community.

Even before the scheduled departure time of 5 p.m., families lined up to visit the 20 or so vehicles involved.

“We’ve had to cancel a number of events over the past year so we knew we had to do something big,” said CTO Jamie Noel, one of the three co-organizers of the event. “We had incredible support from all over the school which really helped us get everything up and running quickly. I think every admin member went out to buy some candy and helped recruit volunteers, and a ton of our college professors and store professors stepped forward as well. It is only a huge success. “

Assistant to director Heather Poirier, another of the co-hosts, said the event exceeded her expectations.

“All the costumes are so creative, the weather was perfect and the people were so happy to be here,” she said. “It’s different from how we traditionally run this event, but everyone supported it and made it work. Seeing the kids and teachers interact in a celebration like this, after all we’ve been through, is truly special. “

The third co-organizer of the event was Assistant Superintendent Barbara Williams.

Title 1 reading teacher Megan Fogarty’s vehicle was one of the most popular stops for trick-or-treaters, as she was joined by her Labrador Wendell, who is also the comfort dog of the ‘school. Both dressed as scarecrows.

Fogarty, who has been teaching at the school for more than a decade, said seeing familiar faces was a highlight of the event.

“I see former students of mine appearing and they have children of their own now,” she said. “The event has a real sense of community. “

But for every visitor who knew the school, there were others who had just learned of the event.

“I’ve never been here before and learned it online and thought it would be fun,” said Kate Dias, a resident of Greenfield, who was joined by her daughter Grace, dressed as a princess. . “I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s just wonderful. Everyone put so much work into planning it, and for the kids it’s exciting to be able to dress up and experience something like this after a lot of them couldn’t do it last year. . I’m so glad we decided to go out.

In addition to the goodies, the event also included games, crafts, and live music.


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