Player Pets: Alex Goligoski and Jax

Each month, will feature a Minnesota Wild Player and their pet(s), presented by PetSmart.

Alex GoligoskiHis name is Jax and he’s almost a year and a half old.

John Rikess: What kind of pets do you currently have?

Alex Goligoski: A soft coated Wheaten Terrier named Jax who is one and a half years old.

JR: Still in the puppy phase?

AG: Oh, sure!

JR: What is his personality? Animated? A fun dog to have?

AG: Yeah, he has a lot of energy, he needs exercise, but yeah he likes to chase squirrels, and he’s definitely still a puppy!

JR: A good dog to have in Minnesota, to run around outside?

AG: Exactly! Yes, he likes to run, that’s for sure.

JR: And I guess with you on the road, he likes to see you come back from a long trip like this?

AG: Yeah, he gathers by the door and when I come in from anywhere really, I get tackled, yeah, he’s pretty excited.

JR: So you knew you wanted a terrier, you were looking for that specific breed I guess?

AG: Certainly! The summer before we saw the same breed, we saw this dog and we were like oh my god what is this? We were at the Bistro Eateries, I’m sure you’ve been there, but we saw this dog and I walked up to the couple and asked what kind of terrier it was. They loved his temper and everything, so we were like that was the one.

JR: Of course you have to have it! How is Jax with the family, with his outings, his temper, you said he’s always an excited pup?

AG: Definitely still a pup that loves attention, so you know he’ll stare at you and crush your hand. He likes to be petted and you know with two children aged 5 and 4 they give him very good attention. He is great with them.

JR: Perfect ages for a one and a half year old dog to latch onto.

AG: Of course, of course!

JR: Growing up in Grand Rapids, did you have any pets?

AG: Yeah, we had growing cats, actually. We had two different cats, and before Jax we had a bulldog who sadly passed away last year, so this is our second dog.

JR: Did you plan on having Jax for a while or was it more of an impulsive decision?

AG: Yes, our theory was that we wanted to have a puppy to keep our younger dog young, but I don’t know if that really worked, it seemed to work backwards. I mean Jax was three months old, and we only had them both for a few months.

JR: Any other pets in the future or are you ready with Jax at the moment?

AG: I’m probably just thinking Jax for now. With our two young children, this seems like a good place. So yes, no plans at the moment.

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