Police dog Shengmi retires at age 11

Shot by Chen Huizhi. Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

Shengmi, an 11-year-old male Labrador who was a superstar in the Shanghai Metro Police Canine Squad, has retired.

The Shanghai Daily visited him at the police canine base in Minhang District on Thursday and spoke to his former trainer and lifelong friend, policeman Lu Jie.

With dolls and stickers made after him, Shengmi is undoubtedly one of Shanghai’s most popular police dogs.

The handsome dog became a social media hit in 2014 after people started posting his work photos on the internet, and over the years he has appeared in various public police events.

More than that, Shengmi was a professional explosive detection dog.

If an unattended suitcase is discovered in a subway station, for example, Shengmi and his trained colleagues are first dispatched to detect any dangerous materials before the police approach the scene.

During Shengmi’s career, no explosives were ever detected in Shanghai subway stations, officer Lu said.

“Shengmi and I have worked on many big public events in Shanghai and other cities,” the policeman said. “He is a very reliable colleague.”

Police officers who work with dogs look after their partners and ensure that during long working hours the animals have access to water and food.

Police dog Shengmi retires at age 11

Ti Gong

Lu Jie and Shengmi patrol a subway station together.

Police dog Shengmi retires at age 11

Ti Gong

Shengmi and a doll in her image.

At 11, Shengmi is almost as old as a 77-year-old man. He retired on Tuesday.

In recognition of their contribution, the police take good care of the dogs after they retire.

At the police canine base, Shengmi always kept Lu for company in addition to physical attendants and medical help.

He had weight issues after his workload was reduced some time ago and had problems walking, but now he is fit again and walks normally, Lu said.

Shengmi was the very first police dog trained by Lu, and the beautiful beast changed Lu greatly.

“I was a very shy person, but working with Shengmi and meeting people with him made me more confident in public,” he explained.

Retired police dogs are not ideal for public adoption. Most of them spend their old age in police canine bases, while a few go to live with their former trainers.

A total of 118 dogs are currently working for the Shanghai Metro Police.

Police dog Shengmi retires at age 11

Ti Gong

Lu Jie’s wife and daughters visit him and Shengmi at the police canine base.

Police dog Shengmi retires at age 11

Ti Gong

Shengmi celebrates her third birthday.

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