Poole pet food and supplies delivery website is our Trader of the Week

A NEW business started by two animal lovers has been compared to Deliveroo for pet owners.

Same Day Pet Products is a new online platform for people to buy food and other pet products from local stores and have them delivered the same day.

Kerry and Shaun Bennett have been in the pet business for many years and came up with the idea last September when they had Covid and couldn’t get their normal pet products in a timely manner.

They came up with the idea of ​​a “multi-vendor” platform where UK pet shops could sell their products. The site’s network of delivery drivers would then bring them to the customer.

The platform has just launched, initially focusing on Poole and Northampton, with plans to expand to cover the whole country.

Shaun said, “It’s one of those things that isn’t special in the retail industry when it comes to food, but nobody considers it for the pet industry.”

He and Kerry already run Poole Raw Pet Food in Hamworthy and Dogs & Mogs Pet Spa, which is in Hamworthy and Gillam Road, Bournemouth.

Shaun said he noticed people were more likely to run out of products during the pandemic as their work and shopping habits changed.

He and Kerry ran out of supplies for their own pets when they were home with Covid last September. “We needed puppy pads because we were running out of them. Amazon didn’t have any available,” he said.

All the other places that had them in stock either didn’t offer delivery or would take too long, he added – with the fastest delivery option being four days.

Kerry and Shaun have now launched the platform, with a website created by local company Cloud Digital Solutions.

The service begins with local businesses, with Southern Aquatics & Pets at Creekmoor recently on board and others ready to join.

Shaun and Kerry believe in paying a living wage, with each driver receiving £4.50 per delivery. Because each delivery is within 10 miles of a store, drivers can earn £12 or more per hour, they say.

“None of our businesses were ever created for profit. Poole Raw Pet Food was created to keep raw food affordable for our customers. It’s the same with our pet spa,” says Shaun.

“We take a commission on sales, but it’s quite low at 15%. We are by no means going to get rich, but if it makes life easier for others, then we are happy.

“We know people want to shop locally, but the convenience of shopping online means people aren’t necessarily buying from local businesses,” says Shaun.

“With this, you’ll be able to shop locally and still get it delivered.”

  • Same Day Pet Products is at samedaypetproducts.com and the Bennetts’ other businesses, Poole Raw Pet Food and Dogs & Mogs Pet Spa, are on Facebook.

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