Portland residents try to avoid slipping on icy sidewalks


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Portland, Oregon (KPTV) – In addition to the roads in our region, sidewalks can also be dangerous in winter.

Some people may be in the mood for a leisurely walk or take their dog for a exercise, but the sidewalk may not be safe and you may need to salt your driveway. Hardware store customer Luke Powell said he bought a 50-pound bag of salt just in case.

“(I should) have used it this morning to take the kids to daycare, but I did without it,” Powell said. “We’ll see, maybe tomorrow.

Ice cleats can cost up to $ 60. A 20 pound bag of salt will set you back around $ 8, enough for an aisle.

Suburban Ace hardware employee Mike Malette said if you can’t find salt, you can use water softener salt. He said to be careful because it is not made for sidewalks and driveways. You can also use kitty litter. It won’t melt the ice, but it will make getting out of your car easier.

Portland residents who went for a walk had to take precautions.

“I was really slow and I walked carefully,” said Khizar Shabbir, a Portland resident. “I went down to the barber over here, there is a small slope and you had to be careful. But it’s a bit freezing in parts.

If you have pets, you can pay a little extra and get some pet-friendly salt, which helps protect their paws.

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