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Puppy confiscated from fugitives: Portsmouth police reports

Portsmouth Police confiscated a puppy from fugitives and investigated a report of a man with a gun on Summit Street. We break down the daily briefing from the Portsmouth Police Chief.

Man with a gun

A Summit Street caller told police that an angry man was knocking on his door and feared the man had a gun.

The police caught up with the guy in front of 17e Street armory. The incident started in Wayne Hills the night before and the Summit Street caller claimed the man threatened to shoot him.

The man said he had just knocked on the door to sort out their problems. Police advised both sides to behave.

Begging problems

Officers were called to 12e and Gay Street for a story of homeless men on the road drinking money. Witnesses said they almost caused an accident. Police advised the two men to stay off the road.

Identity theft

A man called the police at 1 p.m. to complain that someone had used his wife’s social security number to file a fraudulent unemployment claim.

woman in distress

At 1 p.m., a witness reported that a woman was tripping, walking in traffic and falling on Robinson Avenue near Goodwill.

The woman was so agitated that EMS personnel had to tie her up and could not calm her down with medication.

She had an open warrant with the sheriff’s office and was taken to Scioto County Jail and booked.

Under the influence

A visitor to Gallia Street reported that a drunken man with a beard had passed out on the porch of a condemned house. Police took the man into custody.

A Mary’s Spirit Shoop employee reported a woman lying in the alley behind the company. The police advised him to move.

Bomb alert

A Highland Avenue woman contacted police after discovering what she believed to be a homemade bomb on her property.

Police said it was a solid metal weight, not a bomb of any kind.

Suspicious activity

  • A Campbell Street caller contacted police just before 2 a.m. to report someone was following her. She said she was planning to go to a friend’s house to spend the night.
  • Officers responded to a report that a person lying near Kroger was making strange noises under the awning. The man told police he was having a panic attack.

Hot pursuit

An officer was investigating a stolen vehicle on 3rd Street when a man and a woman ran away to 4e Street.

Police managed to catch up with the couple and took them and a puppy they had with them into custody. The vehicle was impounded and Animal Control notified of the puppy.

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