Prey’s Breakout Canine Star Was A Rescue Adopted Especially For The Movie

Serving as both a prequel and a reboot to the Predator franchisee, Hulu’s Prey has drawn rave reviews since its release last week. The film follows Amber Midthunder’s Naru, who hunts down an out-of-this-world enemy in the 1700s, armed with primitive weaponry and with the help of family and friends. She is notably joined by her dog, Sarii, played by a canine companion adopted just for the role.

In a post shared on its Facebook page, Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta says the future movie star dog, named Coco, was taken into the care of the organization in early 2021. She had no film training and was adopted. by his family specifically for the film. The organization went on to say that it’s thrilled that Coco is now “showcasing the potential of shelter dogs and what they are capable of when given a chance.”

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While Coco was originally supposed to play a small role in the film, Trachtenberg gave her a larger role after earning high ratings from viewers during test screenings. In an interview with, the director said, “It was a huge difference between making the movie and watching the movie. Making the movie was ‘How do you get Coco off the stage?’ How do we shoot him and drive him away? And watching the movie, everyone while we were developing it and showing cuts to our friends and family, it was like, ‘No more dog! We love dog!’ I was like, ‘You don’t understand. We’re using all usable imagery of this dog. She was great. But the challenge was that it was a dog that we think was accurate at the time – a dog of Caroline, as they’re called – and it’s not that they had been training this certain dog for years like they do most movie dogs. We had to do the best we could with what we could. And it worked. . »

Midthunder has received rave reviews from former cast members of the Predator films for his performance. The star had her own praise to give in the FreshFiction interview about her experience with Coco, I love this dog with all my heart and soul. It was tough,” she said. “They got her 2 months before that movie. She had so much energy. Her name is Coco. A big part of being around Coco was that she was going wild and doing tricks and so excited to see everyone all the time. For me, personally, she was a dream. To make a movie, you know. Sarii’s character is very different from Coco’s character. It shows what a good filmmaker Dan is.

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The film’s success looks likely to produce more future projects for the Predator franchise. Indeed, the Prey had the biggest premiere on Hulu ever, including every movie and TV series debut. It was also the most-watched movie premiere on the Star+ service in Latin America and the Star hub used by Disney+ in other international markets, based on hours watched in the first three days of its release.

Prey is now streaming on Hulu.

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