Puppies and Cheetahs Make the Cutest Best Friends

Who says dogs and cats can’t be best friends? Puppy-cheetah friendships are more common than you might think — and they make the perfect pair.

Take Rozi and Daisy, the newest (and cutest) duo to browse The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Ohio People’s Zoo has announced that one of its newest cheetahs, Rozi, will have her own canine companion while being raised in captivity. Adopted from Animal Rescue Fund, Inc.the lab pup named Daisy will be the cat’s furry best friend as she grows up.

Rozi was only one cub, meaning her mother wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk for her to survive. That’s why his care team at the zoo steps in to hand-raise the big cat. “The Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Cheetah Species Survival Plan (SSP) has identified the Cincinnati Zoo as the best place to raise the cub,” the zoo said. said in a press release. She will eventually join the Cat Ambassador Program (CAP) and participate in Zoo’s Cheetah Encounter.

While the Guardians give Rozi a lot of attention, they bring in Daisy as a full-time companion. “Dog companionship provides opportunities for play and socialization that humans cannot provide to the little one,” the zoo explains. Not only do dogs provide great companionship, but they are a positive influence on their cute partners. Big cats can be easily agitated, especially in captivity. Many zoos have found success with cheetah-puppy partnerships in combating this wild energy. By modeling calm behavior and teaching social cues, puppies equip their feline friends with useful skills to thrive in the animal world. They are also extremely tolerant of typical kitten behaviors, such as teething and scratching. It just goes to show that everyone can benefit from puppy love!

A cheetah and its canine companion spend time together at the zoo.

Kris and Remus were the first such mixed-species match at the Cincinnati Zoo, inspired by the success of puppy-cheetah pairings at the San Diego Zoo. Photos and videos of Kris and Remus over the years, documenting the special bond that can be shared by these unlikely pals.

Sometimes the most unexpected companions make the best friends. Follow him Cincinnati Zoo Instagram Page to see more images of Daisy and Rozi as they grow up together. We can’t wait to see these future BFFs in action!

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