Rescued French Bulldog From Puppy Mill Named ‘Stanley Smiles’

(Photo credit: @roadogs on Instagram)

A French bulldog rescued from a “deplorable” puppy mill in Modesto, California has earned an appropriate nickname. “Stanley Smiles” shows off her adorable upturned lips in every photo. He currently resides at Rescue Roadogsa spot for “bulldog breeds with medical issues and disabilities”.

All in all, authorities have confiscated more than 140 dogs from the California puppy mill. Nikki Carvey, founder of Roadogs, described the site operator as a “Greeder”. “One officer recalled gagging and vomiting smelling of ammonia and feces outside, and inside there was dry urine and feces all over the floors” , he explained.

Despite his situation, Stanley’s personality shone through.

Stanley smiles in hearts during a rescue

Carvy described Stanley as “pretty disgusting” on the face of it.

“What surprised me was how nice he was as soon as we got him out of the car,” Carvey said. This puppy’s smile stretched from ear to ear, absolutely unmistakable. As reported by People, Stanley’s friendliness and social skills far surpass those of other dogs in similar situations. However, Stanley still likes to squeeze into small spaces when he sleeps. This habit marks the only remaining indicator that he came from a “Greeder”.

Roadogs and other Bulldog organizations are stepping up their efforts

Stanislaus Animal Services, which initially cared for the 140 puppies, worked with other reputable rescue organizations to care for the dogs. These organizations include the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, the Oregon Humane Society, Panda Paws Rescue, NorCal French Bulldog Rescue, and Res-Que in Reno.

Res-Que volunteers took in 35 dogs, including a pregnant female. “They asked us if we would be interested in removing some of their special needs dogs from what they called a puppy mill,” Karen Vigil of Res-Que told a local news channel. The pregnant female gave birth to four live puppies after Res-Que paid for a C-section.

“French bulldogs and English bulldogs are cute, but I think a lot of people have no idea how many health issues they can have and how much it costs to maintain them. We spend a lot on vet bills,” said explained Carvey.

Let Stanley serve as a reminder to adopt, not shop, to avoid contributing to overflowing rescues.

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