Residents of Chanapora are appalled by the increase in the dog population in the area


Srinagar, October 6: Residents of the Chanapora area of ​​Srinagar on Wednesday expressed resentment against authorities for failing to contain the growing dog population.

Residents said the growing number of stray dogs in the area is causing inconvenience to residents who “are afraid to leave their homes.”

A delegation from Old Chanapora told Rising Kashmir that the growing number of dogs has become a source of concern for locals.

They said the grievance had been brought to the attention of relevant SMC officials on several occasions, but “to no avail”.

Residents said the local dogs created fear among locals, especially minors and the elderly. “The fear of dogs has severely hampered the movement of schoolchildren,” they said.

“In recent weeks, stray dogs have injured several people in the area,” local resident Shabir Ahmad told Rising Kashmir.

He said on Wednesday that an elderly man was bitten by dogs after offering the dawn prayers in a mosque. “Another elderly person was also bitten and he was rushed to hospital for advanced treatment after receiving first aid from a local chemist here,” Shabir said.

“The presence of dogs in the area has created panic in the area,” he said, adding: “Parents are skeptical about sending their children to school.”

While recounting a similar incident, another local, Aijaz Ahmad Dar, told Rising Kashmir that an underage girl recently narrowly escaped a traffic accident after being chased by dozens of dogs. “A little girl narrowly escaped a few days ago when she jumped in the middle of the road in the middle of heavy traffic. She was pursued and attacked by dozens of dogs, ”he said. “However, a young man avoiding the accident stopped his car in the middle of the road and saved the girl from the accident,” Aijaz added.

Residents accused SMC of not addressing the problem, saying landfills in nearby communities have become shelters for dogs.

“The area next to the Pamposh settlement has become the domain of the dog where it has become difficult for a pedestrian to walk,” residents said.

The aggrieved residents called on the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to intervene in the case and take concrete action against the increasing dog population in the city.

When Rising Kashmir contacted Dr Javed Ahmad Rather, head of the dog sterilization unit, he said “people should know the root cause of the growing dog population.”

“Minimizing the availability of garbage and animal birth control measures is the only way to get rid of this problem,” he said.

He said that in landfills, stray dogs find edible waste that increases their population and life cycle. “If people contain the garbage in the right places, the dogs will not find meals and thus their population and lifespan will decrease,” he said.

Regarding the birth control mechanism, the officer said, “We cannot kill them because there are legal provisions that call for penalties for breaking the law. We can’t move them from one place to another either. “

He called on the general public to minimize the availability of garbage locally in order to contain the problem.

“We run a dog sterilization unit in Shuhama, Ganderbal, where 10-15 animals are sterilized daily, but depending on demand it is insufficient and needs to be improved up to 150,” he said.

“The system will be upgraded in a month. The formalities required in this regard are underway, “he added.

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