Rising cost of living is creating pandemic puppy crisis, UK study finds

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A exclusive Telegraph report reveals an alarming statistic: one in five pandemic puppies will miss their first birthday. Puppy crisis report comes from The dog clubthe largest canine organization in the UK.

A survey of 3,000 people reports that 22% of pandemic puppies fell ill or died before their first birthday. This number jumps to 36% for people who bought puppies without meeting them in person.

Pandemic puppy boom

The cause of the problem is nuanced, forming what is called a “perfect storm”. The COVID lockdowns in 2020 have created a huge demand for puppies. Unfortunately, social distancing meant more people were buying puppies online.

According to the Kennel Club report, since 2017, more than 31% of people who buy puppies have not met the breeder or verified the living conditions of the puppy.

The Kennel Club report states that this “[allowed] rogue herders to exploit animals by lowering welfare standards.

In turn, the growing demand has also fueled unethical farming. The Guardian reports that puppy farms and illegal importation have increased during the pandemic. Surprisingly, dogs were also stolen and sold to people willing to pay higher prices.

Inflation creates a puppy crisis

In addition to this, the rising cost of living also plays a role. Royal Veterinary College Research found that most puppies purchased during lockdown went to first-time dog owners. As a result, many puppies did not receive proper care.

Studies have also revealed that puppies sold during lockdown are less socialized and likely did not receive proper medical care.

Coming out of the pandemic

As the pandemic wanes, more people are returning to work and shelters are receive registration numbers of dogs. If you’re thinking of adopting a new dog, now is the perfect time to open your home to one of these adorable puppies. If it is attractive to have a puppy, buy one is a risky choice, and finding credible breeders can be difficult.

As always, we remind you to adopt, do not shop.

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