Saginaw County Animal Control seeks suspect who left dog tied up in playground


SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) – A group of children have made a shocking discovery while spending a day at their neighborhood playground in Saginaw.

They found a dog who had strangled himself after being tied to playground equipment. Saginaw County Animal Control is now investigating who is in charge.

Victoriano Reyes was going about his business Sunday afternoon at his home outside Rust Park in Saginaw. Next thing he knew was a few kids came up to him outside saying they found a dead puppy in the playground next door and didn’t know what do.

Anger was his first emotion.

“I myself own a pet. I have two dogs. My brother has two cats. The family has many pets, ”Reyes said. “So to see a dead animal like that was shocking, but more heartbreaking than these kids had found it.”

The pit bull puppy was chained to a pole on the playground, according to Saginaw County Animal Control. The plastic-covered metal chain was so tight around the puppy’s neck that the dog didn’t even stand a chance.

“The cable around his neck was tucked quite severely into his neck and it’s high. It’s not here in the flesh of his shoulders. It’s high under his chin, ”said Bonnie Kanicki, Saginaw County Animal Control Director.

The disturbing incident begs the question of who did this to a helpless animal and why.

“It was inevitable where they left him. He was probably going to be found by children,” Kanicki said. “So it’s much more disturbing than finding the dog in the state of what appears to be a horrible death from strangulation. “

Both Saginaw County Animal Control and Reyes want people to know that this dog – or any animal for that matter – did not deserve this heinous act of abandonment.

“They could have come here and let the dog go to the shelter and find a family who would love him and give him a home forever,” Reyes said.

Saginaw County Animal Control has opened an investigation into the incident. Anyone with information about the dog’s death should call them to do this little dog justice.

“It’s hard all the time because it’s endless. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly endless, ”Kanicki said.

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