Scratchpay Reports Increase in Loan Volume Despite COVID-19 Slowdown


Despite these circumstances, by using its advanced subscription engine that goes beyond FICO scores, Scratchpay has managed to continue to approve more applicants for its payment plans. In fact, 86% of partner clinics have their highest customer approval rates using Scratchpay.

One of the keys to this success has been the strategic hiring of a credit veteran, Brian Briggs. Prior to Scratchpay, Briggs was a senior credit manager at Alliance Data and helped build Klarna into a global fintech powerhouse. Briggs was also instrumental for Scratchpay in the launch Take 5, an innovative BNPL (“Buy Now, Pay Later”) product with industry-leading approval ratings and 0% APR.

“At Scratchpay, my goal is to continue to improve our credit model and our product offerings so that we can say yes to more customers and get them the care they need,” said Briggs. “I love Scratchpay’s culture of innovation. They are always looking for ways to improve the status quo, or blow it up completely.”

Some key features of Scratchpay include:

  • Patient friendly: Since Scratchpay only performs a soft credit check on an applicant, requesting and accepting Scratchpay plans does not affect the applicant’s credit rating. Plans start as low as 0% APR and have no prepayment penalties, hidden charges, or deferred interest.
  • Higher approval rates: 5 out of 6 partner firms have their highest customer approval rates with Scratchpay.
  • Simple and transparent for service providers: Scratchpay has no setup fees or long term contract.
  • Complete suite of payment solutions: Payment processing, appointment scheduling, SMS functionality and more are now available on Scratchpay’s all-in-one platform.

When asked how Scratchpay was able to maintain high approval rates during the pandemic, Briggs said, “The COVID-19 crisis continues to demonstrate how unique everyone’s financial situation is. At Scratchpay, we want to meet all users where they ‘fit and adapt to their specific situations. By adapting our products in this way, we have been able to continue to increase access to medical care.

Scratchpay is now available in more than 11,000 offices in the United States and Canada, from veterinary hospitals to dental surgeries and cosmetic surgery clinics. Registration and the launch of the offer are free and take less than 2 minutes. For more information, please visit

About Scratchpay: Scratchpay is a PasadenaA fintech-based financial technology company that offers simple, user-friendly payment plans for medical treatment fees, ranging from routine eye care visits to emergency pet operations. The startup is the fastest growing veterinary finance provider and now offers a suite of payment solutions through its platform, including payment processing, appointment scheduling, text-to- pay and more. Scratchpay is now offered in more than 11,000 medical practices across United States and Canada.

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