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HOLLY SPRINGS, North Carolina, November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gift Wrap My Face, the ‘selfie’ wrapping paper loved and used by Oprah, Khloe kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg, featured in Bloomingdale’s in-store Christmas gift promotions and created by two ad agency creatives, has been acquired by Build A Head LLC. The assets were purchased on October 8, 2021, the Florida title being transferred in equal parts to the partners, James green, Chad Turner and Tyler turner in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Gift Wrap My Face is a happy addition to Build a Head LLC, which also owns,, and Part of a thriving joy brand factory that aligns with the company’s mission to provide delicious products for every life-defining celebration, the brands offer personalized products for birthdays, holidays, discounts. of diplomas, birthdays, birth announcements and more.

Featuring face photos of people and pets, Gift Wrap My Face, adds them to the body of elves, snowmen, superheroes, astronauts, iconic statues, llamas or dancing with dreidels or menorahs. Gift Wrap My Face even created two types of smart wrapping papers, each with several unique designs: one using augmented reality to animate a face making a snow angel, a dancing elf, and a video paper that lays down an entire family of. faces in an uploaded custom scene. . Custom rolls can be ordered from for $ 19.99 a roll, $ 22.99 for augmented reality paper and $ 34.99 for two rolls of the video wrap which includes a private YouTube page.

An executive who has dedicated a career to products and services that bring people together, from Spark Networks Where Weddings Begin to Puppy Spot to Helping People Find Puppy Love, James green, co-founder of Build A Head, LLC said, “The businesses I love are those where meaningful connections are made. ”

Co-founders and brothers Tyler and Chad Turner double the importance of bringing happiness to people, especially after the pandemic. “Helping people connect, especially during covid, has been hugely rewarding,” said Chad Turner, Co-Founder, “I love that Gift Wrap My Face is all about celebrating the people closest to you.” For Tyler, Gift Wrap My Face and their corporate umbrella are selling something intangible: “Our companies don’t just sell a product, they sell a ‘sentiment’, and that turns me on.”

On: Gift Wrap My Face, LLC (GWMF) makes personalized “selfie” and “smart” wrapping paper for any occasion, from holidays to birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day or anytime. Part of Build A Head, LLC, whose goal is to make people smile, brands are promoters of love and pleasure that encourage the inner child of silliness to emerge shamelessly. In addition to wrapping paper, GWMF also makes selfie socks for the feet, socks for wine, banners and even greeting cards that make the obligatory family group photo no longer a boring occasion.

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