SF firefighters use jet ski to rescue drowning coyote off Marina Green

Coyotes have become even more comfortable around San Francisco since the start of the pandemic, taking to desolate streets and open parks – in broad daylight – with little hesitation. But a wayward dog recently found itself in big trouble after falling into the ocean off a dock in Marina Green.

San Francisco firefighters responded to worried onlookers on Friday about a coyote in need of rescue off Marina Green. Members of SFFD Fire Station No.511 – located near the Waltney Disney Museum, about a mile and a half from where the drowning mammal was spotted – descended on the scene to view what help they could offer.

But it was clear that SFFD marine units should also be called in; rescue attempts to get the dog out of the water on dry land were unsuccessful.

In a series of media tweets from the San Francisco Fire Department, the struggling coyote can be seen paddling to stay afloat before first responders can coax him onto the stretcher of a jet ski.

“Today # SFFDTRUCK16 and # SFFDENGINE51 were called in by many passers-by seeing a drowning coyote,” read the first of two SFFD Media tweets. “A member of # SFFDE51 made a lasso and managed to keep the coyote’s head out of the water and drown allowing […] our MARINE units to save him. “

Paramedics were there to provide care for “severe hypothermia and near drowning.” The coyote, who has since been named “Phoenix”, is said to be doing well and was then transported to a nearby veterinary hospital to recover before, presumably, being released back into the wild.

Like always: do not feed the coyotes; do not throw objects at them or abuse them in any way; don’t be a fool to them, and they will happily leave you alone.

Chances are they are more afraid of you than you are of them … but that doesn’t mean you don’t take precautions, like keeping your pets on a short leash and bringing a flashlight with you during your night walks.

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