Sligo Great Dane crowned puppy of the year 2021


A gorgeous Great Dane from County Sligo was named the 2021 Puppy of the Year, beating over 1,500 dogs that entered the show.

In partnership with BETA, Petmania announced on Friday that puppy Orca the Great Dane is this year’s winner, making the puppy’s tail wag.

Orca, who was born in May 2021, stole the judge’s heart with his unique story, taking him to the top of the rankings.

Orca and his owner Jo. Photo: Supplied

Orca’s owner Jo helps save whales, dolphins and seals, which is what inspired his name.

The dog loves splashing around in the water at the beach and has a lot of fun with his doggie buddies who stay with them in the family business of a kennel. Orca, a Great Dane, hopes to one day be an excellent rescue dog.

Orca and Jo also live with three other dogs: Chicken, Popperz Piglet, and Elmo – as well as Orca’s favorite cuddle buddy is Sticky the Cat.

Puppy of the Year goes to the beach with Joe at least five times a week, where he plays in the water and watches the seals swing.

Orca puppy of the year
Sligo manager Chloe McCarthy, Orca, 2021 Petmania Puppy of the Year winner and her owner Jo. Photo: James Connolly

He brings floating toys for the sea and is currently learning to collect and bring them back. Orca is also taking courses so that one day she can participate in the search for people.

Winning this year’s competition, Orca owner Jo Gurney said: “We are stunned and over the moon! We had a lot of people behind us to vote, and a big thank you to the judges for choosing Orca. I got goosebumps from head to toe! ‘

Emily Miller from Petmania Ireland said: “Picking a winner was not easy, but after much thought it was unanimous that Orca from Sligo was the exceptional puppy this year. Orca is training to become a dog. and her proud companion, Jo, says Orca is already making great strides at this young age.

Killer whale
Puppy of the Year goes to the beach with Joe at least five times a week, where he plays in the water and watches the seals swing. Photo: Supplied

As this year’s winner, Orca will be pampered for an entire year with over € 1,500 in prizes!

The champion, Orca will star as a model puppy in his own professional photoshoot and become the face of some of Petmania’s advertising campaigns in 21/22.

The VIP (Very Important Puppy) will also be able to be pampered all year round with a 12 month care plan at Petmania Sligo and Grooming Studio, where they will receive free treatment every month for an entire year.

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