Small savings between friends – Loans

Against a backdrop of crisis and fiscal discipline, the French are tightening their belts and trying to consume more clever. Focus on new community trends.

Beware of waste!

Beware of waste!

The “waste gas hunt” of 1973 is not so far away and the French are increasingly using alternative consumption methods. Indeed, according to a study of the Observatory society and consumption published in early November, more than one French out of 2 seeks to exit traditional merchant networks.

They say they want to “consume better” or even “consume less”. Attention, this desire to save is not only due to the crisis and the decline in purchasing power. It turns out that the French simply want to stop wasting.

But then, what is “consume better”?


For the French, to consume better is not only to save money but to buy smart. French is on the lookout for the good plan. Often this means buying together and pooling consumption to avoid waste and unnecessary expenses.

Attendance at sites like Good Finance or Living Social that offer group purchases has also exploded in recent months. Buying together to save money is a concept that seduces the French. And far from being a fad deliberately “bobo”, smart shopping is rooted in all layers of French society.

In the course of the great


Today, thanks to the enthusiasm of consumers, community sites are heckling the “big” French industry: hotels, restaurants, transport, etc … We all know now “Le Bon Coin” which connects sellers and private buyers, Couchsurfing, which offers addresses of homestay accommodation or to make the route to several at a lower cost. The Bank is no exception to the rule with the loan between individuals that tickles the major credit institutions.

Almost every branch of consumption will find its “community” version equivalent: home cooked meals, concert tickets and sightseeing tours. We will now dare to share additional portions of our meal, exchange his apartment with a stranger from the end of the world or offer a guided tour of his city to a tourist. Alternative solutions to the traditional system that satisfy the French who want to hunt for unnecessary expenses and want to recreate the social link.

Yes, but tomorrow?

Consumers have understood that it is easy to consume better on a daily basis without necessarily spending hours cutting out vouchers.

The economies are everywhere and the French realize the interest of thinking together about the consumption of tomorrow. A collective conscience that calls on the honesty and solidarity of each of us to build the world of tomorrow.