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We are now halfway into October and it is noticeable that autumn is here in earnest. The days are getting shorter, but they are still healthy and sunny. However, the most obvious autumn sign is that schools and universities are now in full swing, and lots of new students are on their way to lecture halls and student pockets.

Student years are perhaps the best time of life, with all that it entails of unlimited freedom, new insights and friends for life. The only thing that is sad is that you have so little money. But calm down! We at Loanskin have also been students and know what it is like to turn around the slant. Here are our best savings tips that will prevent you from eating noodles in the final days before the study aid arrives.

Yes, it is fun to go out and eat


And it’s easy to order that pizza after a long plug day. But food is, besides housing, one of the biggest expenses for many students. So eat at home instead. Start a dinner group with some friends and take turns at being at each other’s house and cooking.

Have themed evenings with food from different countries and help you learn how to cook the new dishes, or invite each other to dinner each time during the week and let everyone cook their favorite dish. It’s also a great way to get to know new friends.

Course literature is another major expense item


But there are several good ways to keep costs down. One way is to buy used. Many people did not think as smartly as you, but bought all course literature the first year and have no need for them next year. Check out bulletin boards in the lunch room, Facebook groups and Block ads where old students advertise. When you finish the course, you sell them of course!

Another tip is to buy the course literature with one or a few students, and take turns to have them. Stick to main literature, which will be used throughout the semester and which can be read in parallel with other literature, so that you do not get into fights when it is time for an exam.

This tip is really obvious, but the fact is that many miss this opportunity – borrow books at the library! As soon as you get the list of literature you throw yourself into the library via your smartphone and reserve the books. If someone else has come before you put them in line, then at least they can not borrow the book.

Combine transport with exercise


Our last tip is a combination tip. It’s so simple that it’s not wise: Buy a bike. This way you save the money you would otherwise need to spend on expensive bus tickets – and gym tickets! Because by cycling everywhere you get so much everyday exercise that you don’t have to sweat at the gym. Smart eh?

You can find a better used bike on Blocket, or in the newspaper’s classified ads. In particular, check out the weekend magazine, where there are often buy and sell ads of people who have not really been into the digital age. Often bargain!

Also check the Police’s sale of lost goods or stolen bicycles no one claimed. Most often in auction form, and with some luck good prices.

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