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Regarding our mention of Meatless Fridays for Catholics, Harry Clark of Lafayette tells this story:

“Early in my career in the Navy, I was stationed on a small ship on the East Coast.

“A boatswain with about 15 years of muster missed on a Thursday morning. Again on Friday he was absent. He finally showed up on Saturday morning.

“Having been AWOL for two days, he was brought to the ‘Captain’s Mast’ for his infraction. The mast is a procedure where people are punished for minor infractions that do not warrant a court martial.

“The captain asked him what his story was. ‘Boats’ said they served fish on Wednesday, and he naturally thought it was Friday, so he took the weekend.

“If I remember correctly, he received a suspended warning.”

midnight dinner

Speaking of Meatless Fridays, Charlie Anderson from Shreveport said: “I remember Boy Scout camping trips in the 1950s when guys stayed up until midnight on Fridays so they could roast hot dogs. “

What reminds me

When I was a Boy Scout, one of the guys in the troop didn’t (or couldn’t) eat meat. I seem to remember it was a medical condition, not a religious thing.

So on our camping trips, he brought a box of tuna sausages. They looked like sausages, but wouldn’t fit together on a stick, so he couldn’t roast them over the campfire like the rest of us.

I felt sorry for the poor kid as he sat there chewing his cold tuna hot dog…

Keep them running

Continuation of our seminar on emergency car repairs:


“Bucktown Bill” says: “My dad had an early 60’s Ford Falcon. After years of loyal service, he developed an alternator problem.

“At that time, it was easy to remove and disassemble the alternator for inspection. The problem was a worn brush.

“My dad opened up his tackle box and after fishing for a few minutes (pun intended) he found a lead sinker the right size to fit behind the brush and the spring so that it made contact.

“The repair took a few years, until the alternator bearings finally failed. We both had a good laugh when we took the alternator apart the second time, seeing that the ballast was still in perfect condition. It was put back in the toolbox, and a Western Auto Alternator installed.”

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Redean Parsons of St. Francisville says, “In the mid-1970s, my husband Toby, two teenage daughters, and I were on our way back to Baton Rouge from Kentucky.

“We were on I-55 north of Blytheville, Arkansas on a Sunday afternoon when we hit a large piece of metal.

“A few minutes later, Toby said, ‘We’re losing fuel; I think the fuel tank is leaking! »

“We came across a ‘stop and shop’ gas station. Toby came in and bought a bar of soap, got under the car and rubbed the soap down to cover the leak.

“We got home and only had to stop four or five times for Toby to rub more soap on the leak.”

Department of Inquiring Minds

Tim Palmer of Lafayette says, “The office toilet paper is from the ‘Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series’.

“I wonder, what profession?”

Special Persons Department

Pauline Yuhasz Bartus, of the Hungarian settlement near Albany, celebrates her 96th birthday on Thursday, March 10.

In sports news…

Our memories of Baker’s buffalo token tossing contest brought up this tale from Bill Ragsdale, of St. Amant:

“Growing up in central Texas, my hometown is well known for its annual Goat Barbeque World Championship.

“In the early years, the organizers held many contests including the Cow Patty (Chip) Toss, but in keeping with the spirit of the main event, the ‘Goat Pill Flip-Off’ was instituted after a few years. Very popular, and a good flip flip can fly 50-60 feet!

“I imagine the ‘Nutria Pill Flip’ contest will have a big advantage at future Louisiana fairs and festivals.”

Take that, Vlad!

Bill Reed of Broussard said, “Here in Acadiana, one of our local restaurants posted a ‘hello’ to Poutine, saying he should be called ‘Damn’ – a Cajun name for a female dog. Seems fair to me.”

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