Son of Doge launches its new platform, Utilium serving as

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Son of Doge (SOD) is a dog meme coin launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network on January 4, 2022. SOD is a community-driven project which aims to innovate the BSC space. In the latest expansion, the company launched its platform, Utilium, which will serve as a warehouse for most of its utilities.

Utilium is a one-stop-shop for all your crypto needs. It has a Launchpad, NFT marketplace, e-commerce store, and branding service covering everything from development to marketing new projects.

If future crypto enthusiasts want to start a project, they can use SOD’s Launchpad alongside its marketing services to help promote their project. Hence, Utilium is called a one-stop-shop: it is a place where users can solve all their crypto needs with just a few clicks. The most impactful aspect of Launchpad is the seamless process it offers people. There are many scams and scammers in the space, so having a trusted company registered to do their essential shopping is a plus.

SOD has worked and continues to work on releasing a variety of utilities. SOD works on developing and building utilities to solve real-world problems. SOD experienced massive growth during its first launch, where it achieved an incredible increase in its market capitalization to 7,000%. This resulted in the need to adjust its smart contract and structure to become a more solid project. SOD had to migrate to another smart contract due to these restructurings. SOD is now a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in Canada.

On top of that, SOD recently bought a 30 gold plot on the TCG Metaverse World. The purchase of these plots by SOD will allow the team to establish its objective of developing fun and innovative activities for the company. From July 8-10, SOD will be participating in the TCG World Crypto Metaverse event. The team will receive a stand as well as VIP access.

To increase SOD exposure in the space, the SOD team has applied for a Tier 2 exchange. The team also intends to list soon on a Tier 1 exchange (one of the top ten scholarships). The benefit of registration cannot be overstated, as a large trading volume will be generated when the team eventually registers.

SOD implemented the burn system, which involves sending a certain amount of tokens to a dead wallet. This will help reduce the number of tokens in circulation, increase demand and, of course, the price of the token. SOD has burned 10% of its circulating supply and is burning a certain percentage each week.

The decision to purchase an SOD coin is entirely up to the user. SOD turns out to be a major asset in the holder’s wallet before the Bullrun begins. It is better to prepare for it. Potential users should visit the following links to avail the services or for more information:

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