Sonic Speed ​​Simulator: How to Unlock Amy

Every week comes a new update for Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on Roblox, which means fans have events with new rewards from Chao to character skins to get. However, while frequent updates are nice, it comes with a catch that most events only last for a week. This makes unlock characters like Amy Rose which are rather difficult exclusive events.

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How to Unlock Amy in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

Amy Rose was added to Sonic Speed ​​Simulator as part of the Save Amy event, which saw fans collect 5,000 pink crystals in order to unlock her. This event has since ended, and the only option to get the default Amy skin outside of an event is to purchase it for 499 Robux. If players want to use their real currency, they can purchase 500 Robux for $9.99 from the Robux Shop.

However, fans can only purchase Amy this way when she is available through a rotation of other character skins available for purchase. Otherwise, Amy is only available through events. As of this writing, another Amy skin, Chef Amy, is available through the Beach Party event taking place at Roblox.

How to get Chef Amy skin

In Sonic Speed ​​Simulatorthe Beach Party event sees fans collect chili dogs in almost every world in the game. This event rewards players for reaching numerous chili dog milestones with the event-exclusive Beach Chao, the Chef Amy skin, and the Summer Sonic skin.

For those who want to unlock Chef Amy, it may take a bit of time. The milestone required to unlock it is set at 3,000 chili dogs. Fans must collect this amount in one week, which is the duration of the event.

How to Get Chili Dogs Fast

Despite the number of chili dog fans who need to unlock the Amy skin event, the items spawn quite frequently and can be found almost anywhere. They can be found in all areas except the Chemical Plant area.

Lost Valley and Hill Top Zone are the best worlds to visit in order to collect the chili dogs as quickly as possible. Lost Valley has a rail that not only has a trail of chili dogs leading directly to it, but the rail itself also has a bargain along its path. Hill Top Zone is also one of the biggest stages in the game with an area covered in chili dogs at the very beginning of the world.

Due to the fact that Green Hill Zone does not have many chili dogs strewn around it like other stages do, players must avoid reviving their character so that they have easy access to the other levels. Fans should also be aware that chili dogs can disappear after a while. If a row of objects disappears, players can easily find another one nearby.

If players keep these tips in mind as they progress Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, they should be able to unlock Chef Amy within the time limit without having to pay Robux. Chef Amy is almost the same as Amy’s usual skin with a few cosmetic changes, which means it’s worth it for any Amy Rose fan.

After the Beach Party event ends, players will most likely need to pay for Chef Amy, much like what has to be done with the regular Amy character skin. However, fans who don’t want to spend Robux to catch the hedgehog girl might just want to bide their time and wait for any future events involving her, as those skins may come back for free at a later date.

Roblox is now available on Mobile, PC and Xbox One.

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