Southern Pines Animal Shelter Encourages Pet Adoption

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – More animals tend to be dropped off at shelters during the summer months, leading to shelters like Southern Pines Animal Shelter full of pets in need of homes.

However, for those who wish to welcome a four-legged friend into their home but cannot take on full-time responsibility, there is still an option.

Sarah Krock, community engagement manager for Southern Pines, says fostering an animal might be the best bet.

“Placement is extremely important, especially during the summer when we see the greatest influx of animals, especially minor animals,” Krock said. “No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, the shelter just isn’t the best place for pets. We know it can be stressful.

“The best place is the home, and so, for animals that need more intensive or more round-the-clock care, like underage kittens, foster homes in particular are life-saving and life-changing.”

Krock says fostering also helps animals get used to living in a home, which is the goal of every animal in the shelter.

“There’s nothing better than snuggling up a kitten or a puppy, even if it’s just a few nights in a house to get them where they need to go,” Krock said. “For many animals, this can be short-term, like a few nights or a weekend.

“For some of our pets who are really young, like those who are a few weeks old, or moms with nursing babies, we may ask if you’re able to keep them for a few weeks.”

Fostering with Southern Pines Animal Shelter is free, Krock said. The shelter also provides animal medical supplies and care.

“Even though a lot of people may be afraid of fostering because of the emotional investment, it’s so rewarding and so worth it,” Krock said. “The ability to find just a little space and time in your life for animals in need is so rewarding and impactful.

“For me, personally, that’s how I started here.”

For those wishing to foster an animal, visit Southern Pines Foster Care Facebook group or visit the Pins du Sud website.

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