State of the Industry: Pet and Animal Health Care Products in the United States (2021 Edition) –


the “State of the Industry: Pet and Animal Health Care Products in the United States (15th Edition)” report was added to offer.

State of the Industry reports are concise but detailed studies filled with invaluable data, forecasts and objective analysis. The amount of valuable data and analysis in this report far exceeds its cost and is well worth the investment.

Depending on the subject, State of the Industry reports include historical, current and future sales data; the drivers of market growth; consumer data; a summary of the main companies; distribution channels, foreign trade and other relevant data and analysis. This information is an essential part of any successful business plan.

Main topics covered:

  • Industry background and structure

  • Drivers of industry growth

  • Obesity and the Aging Pet Population to Boost Pet Health Care

  • Healthier Pet Foods for Better Health Care

  • Pet Oral Care Product Sales

  • Supplements and nutraceuticals in high demand

  • Global Industry Sales Trends

  • Top 10 Industry Leaders

  • Medications

  • Vitamins and minerals

  • Organic Products

  • Food additives

  • Research and development trends

  • Trade

  • Increased pet population to support future growth

  • Demographic trends in spending on pets, supplies and drugs

  • Trends in livestock and poultry populations

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