Stray dogs in town are an overlooked lot: Delhi HC

Observing that stray dogs in the capital are a neglected lot, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday called on the Delhi government and city authorities to respond to a petition calling for a steady supply of vaccines to save animals from diseases such as Canine square and parvovirus.

“Caring for stray dogs is necessary not only to show respect for animal life, but also because there will be a direct impact on the human population,” the chief justice’s division bench said by Acting Vipin Sanghi and Judge Sachin Datta.

The court heard a motion alleging that there is no mechanism to vaccinate stray dogs to protect them against diseases such as distemper and parvovirus and that the existing infrastructure for their vaccination and treatment is virtually dysfunctional . The court was also told there was no hotline to report in case a stray dog ​​needed medical attention.

Seeking a clear and considerate position from the government within six weeks, the court also ordered the authorities to consider all these issues. He scheduled the case for a rehearing on November 4.

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Rahul Mohod, a lawyer, said in the petition that street dogs and other animals are at risk from both viruses and the probability of death in such cases is 95%. The vaccine must be made free to government veterinary hospitals urgently to curb the unnatural and painful deaths of street dogs, Mohod added. As well as seeking the availability of the vaccine at veterinary hospitals and dispensaries, the petition also called for the appointment of a standing committee to ensure its regular supply.

Mohod in the petition said that canine DHPPi vaccines are not available in any of the Delhi government veterinary hospitals and its price is very high in the open market. Regarding the lack of infrastructure, the petition said: “It is very difficult to bring street animals/dogs to hospitals. Therefore, ambulances are urgently needed to provide on-site medical assistance.

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