Stylish $ 33 Gooby Padded Dog Vest will keep puppies warm

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Taking your dog outside for a walk or for doing his business is essential, not to mention good exercise for you as well. The thing is, just because your canine friend has a beautiful, furry coat doesn’t mean that he won’t be cold in the winter. This is where a good dog jacket comes in handy, and when it’s cute it’s even better! With the popular Gooby Padded Dog Vest, your dog will look adorable and feel toasty warm for just $ 33.

Before you and your pooch go outside, don this dog coat for the ultimate in freezing comfort. The durable puffer jacket is designed with multiple layers of padding and a soft fleece inner lining to provide supreme insulation. It’s basically like wrapping your puppy in a cozy blanket. And for windier days, your dog will appreciate the nylon exterior of the vest that will protect him from gusts of wind while keeping him dry in rain, slush or snow.

If you’ve ever tried to have a dog sweater or coat on your furry friend and you haven’t been successful, you won’t be with this jacket. It has two holes for your dog’s front legs and is designed with a smooth zipper on the top that makes the whole ordeal as easy as pie. Here’s what you do: Unzip the jacket and lay it on the floor. Once your dog has entered both holes, pull the vest up and close at the top for a hassle-free experience every time.

This dog vest has a cropped design that keeps it from getting in the way while your dog is doing his business. You will love that the jacket has two leash rings right on the top and is available in sizes ranging from X-small to X-large. It is also available in 12 adorable colors that will make your puppy look even better Following photogenic.

Other dog owners say their puppies love him as much as they do. “These jackets are hands down the best winter jackets I have ever bought,” wrote one Amazon buyer. “I bought several cold weather jackets for my dobies and these look so good on me. They are very easy to put on – even [on] a dog that squirms when you dress them. These jackets are so easy [to put on] that you can put on without a hitch. “

Another buyer said the dog vest was so good he bought it a second time. “I can’t say enough about this coat. Love it!” they wrote. “The first was for my older dog last year and this one is for the new puppy. I will buy a third when my puppy grows up from this one. I live in Michigan and the winter is cold. My dogs love to play outside and they keep warm … This coat combines the two [warmth and dryness] and allows them to be taken out quickly and easily. Add the absolute cuteness factor and this coat is an all-around winner. “

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