The Clydebank Marching Mutts are handing out puppy love

The owner of a new dog daycare center in Clydebank admits she was bitten by the puppy care virus after rescuing a dog from Greece.

In 2017, the Post reported how Jasmine Sharp and her boyfriend rescued a homeless dog from the Greek island of Rhodes after she fell in love with him while on a trip.

And now, Jasmine has decided to spread the puppy love to other four-legged friends in town by opening Matching Mutts Bootcamps which offers care, walking and training services.

During a recent visit to the bootcamp, Jasmine revealed to the To post it was a rocky start.

She said: “The first nine weeks have been crazy. There used to be a daycare here, but it was only open for three weeks.

“We literally entered a shell. All there was here was a fence and a couch.

Jasmine and her sister Chloe, who runs her own dog walking business, dug in to make the land work, sharing tasks such as cleaning the premises, building an outdoor dog enclosure and painting the interior part of the installation.

Chloe said: “Jasmine started it all by saving Dennis.

“And when we rescued Delilah and Elsie, that’s when I started (the dog walking business.)

The couple are now teaming up to provide a full experience for dog owners and Jasmine explained that they aim to provide personalized service for dogs.

Jasmine added: “We limit the numbers (we take) to 16.

“Mainly because I want to offer a tailor-made service, a niche service. My fear is sending dogs home with problems they didn’t have before.

“We are capping the numbers so we can spend time with them.

“The anchor points on the walls are for training them with on-the-spot training.”

With the easing of restrictions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jasmine described how she has noticed many dogs with separation anxiety, many of which were purchased during lockdown and owners are now returning to offices and workplaces.

“It’s so common. So what we do, even having a really safe environment, to come in, to feel comfortable, to know that something good is going on.

“I know right away if a dog is going to be suitable for daycare, if he gets involved with me.

“I haven’t had a dog that hasn’t engaged with me yet. Having a dog engage with you is really crucial because then I can talk to the owner, to be like that is the technique of focus.

“We will also be doing newsletters for homeowners,” Jasmine continued.

Jasmine and the Marching Mutts team also decided to sponsor another dog in need at a recent dog show.

“When we were at the Dog Lovers Show the Dogs Trust had a booth, there were so many dogs to sponsor. They said Rosie was based at the West Calder Kennels so I could visit her.

“I thought we would have a special rookie. She can never be rehoused because of her behavior. Which is sad, but with the help of sponsors, she can have the best life possible.

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