The homeopathic “home vet” helps animals heal

From the 1980s until 15 years ago, Dr. Jeff Feinman was Westport’s “HomeVet.”

Along with clients like Paul Newman, Keir Dullea and Patti Davis — and hundreds of less famous, but equally loving pet owners — he was known for his house calls.

Inside their homes – observing the dynamics between animals and humans – he developed a holistic approach to treatment.

Medications like antibiotics and anti-inflammatories have their place, “Dr. Jeff,” notes. But it also helps pets (and their owners) heal naturally.

Dr. Jeff Feinman

A neurodegenerative disease led Dr. Jeff to turn to online treatment. His HomeVeterinarian The site offers advice such as: Take a “sniff walk” with your pet. Let him engage with the environment and “feel the awe of nature”.

Many problems have to do with their owners, he says. Their worries can sexacerbate their pets’ problems.

“Dogs and cats go with the flow,” says Dr. Jeff. “Humans get in the way, with all of our own fears.”

Now he has gone one step further. His new website, Holistic Actions, offers new ways to learn how holistic care and conventional veterinary medicine work together. Through forums, webinars, and consultations, members can access professional advice and community support.

Through personalized counseling, Dr. Jeff is returning to the personal approach he enjoyed when he first started here.

Last Friday morning, he had scheduled a 2 hour consultation with a landlord in Pennsylvania. The dog had diarrhea and skin, ear and behavior problems.

Dr. Jeff planned to advise the owner on upgrading his pet’s diet from processed foods to fresh foods. He was talking about ways to re-engage with the animal, to help the dog re-engage with the world.

Some of the pets Dr. Jeff Feinman has treated over the years.

The vet points to a Westport client’s dog, diagnosed with nasal cancer that had metastasized to the brain.

With chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the animal’s prognosis was 6 months. According to Dr. Jeff’s homeopathic protocol, he says, the animal lived for 18 months – without pain.

“Researching and teaching love-based strategies that heal companion animals are my most all-consuming passions,” says Dr. Jeff.

“I love reconnecting with our Westport community, to help out in any way I can.”

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