These are the 10 sweetest dog breeds that need to watch their weight


Many of us made the decision to welcome new puppies into our homes last year – Kennel Club figures show the number of dog owners soared by almost 8% – and demand for friends. on all fours after locking remains elevated.

There is a huge selection of 221 different purebred dog breeds to choose from, as well as plenty of crossbreeds, so there is a lot of thought to be done before selecting the latest addition to your family.

Our lifestyle has a big influence on which type of dog is best for us – if you have limited space you may want to watch small dogs, while the owner of an older pet should place some breeds. at the top of her wishlist.

Meanwhile, some breeds have special attributes that mean they need a bit more care, including some dogs who are predisposed to gain weight and become unhealthy.

These dogs just don’t know when they’re full, so careful portion control, making sure they aren’t able to steal food, and regular weigh-ins are key to ensuring they live long lives. and in good health.

Here are the 10 most foodie dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club.

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