Things only adults notice in Beethoven


While it’s a pleasant surprise, savvy viewers can’t help but raise their eyebrows when Beethoven and Sparky, a wandering Jack Russel Terrier, jump unharmed from a moving vehicle. We’re not trying to pick nits here, but the leaked scene at the start of the movie is a bit wacky, clearly sprinkled with cinematic magic.

After Sparky and Beethoven are robbed by Vernon and Harvey (Oliver Platt) and placed in a van with other dogs, the van runs away and easily overtakes the cops, so it has to move fairly quickly. Sparky, a small dog with little influence and, like all dogs, no opposable thumbs, somehow manages to open the door to the van. Then, equally implausible, the Burrow and Beethoven jump from a vehicle that apparently moves faster than a police car.

We’re just as happy as everyone that they weren’t injured and escaped the dog eaters, but this event is just hard not to question as an adult. Ironically, despite their superhuman (or super-canine) escape feat, both dogs are captured by the same criminals in the future. Luckily, Sparky and Beethoven get their revenge, and the dog friends again elude Vernon and Harvey – but this time the humans are rightly arrested.

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