This animal shelter has launched a campaign to give homeless animals a special Christmas

Simone needs sponsorship #MyFirstChristmas (Mdzananda Animal Clinic)

  • Mdzananda Animal Clinic has launched a campaign that empowers the public to give homeless animals a loving Christmas experience.
  • The veterinary clinic presents to the public an animal abandoned for adoption.
  • He also invites people to donate various amounts so that pets receive great hugs, treats, play time and more on Christmas Day.
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Mdzananda Animal Clinic, an NPO veterinary clinic in Khayalitsha, recently launched a campaign called #MyFirstChristmas aimed at allowing the public to show some love to homeless animals before and during the holiday season.

This comes after the animal shelter began to experience a surge in the number of animals abandoned or turned over to the clinic at the start of the holiday season.

Animals in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda Animal C

Dogs in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda Animal Clinic)

Thanks to this campaign, homeless animals offered for adoption will be presented to the public. Potential sponsors will also have the opportunity to give some love to the animals as most have never lived Christmas.

“Christmas is usually a merry day, but my heart always breaks for the animals in our shelter who spend it without families. This year we hope to make it a little more special for them.

“Members of the public can sponsor a shelter animal for a Christmas experience. Our staff and volunteers will in turn make their day special, ”said the fundraising and communications manager at Marcelle du Plessis.

Dogs in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda Animal Clin

Dogs in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda Animal Clinic)

To give a homeless dog an unforgettable Christmas, members of the public simply choose their special dog from the Mdzananda Animal Clinic website, Facebook or Instagram pages. They then choose the sponsorship package they want for the dog this Christmas. Packages include:

  • R100 – A good hug
  • R200 – A good hug and a treat
  • R300 – A good hug, a treat and a moment of play
  • R500 – All of the above and because you can and think our staff are awesome

The organizations are also running a longer sponsorship for homeless dogs and cats who have lived at the clinic for years with no chance of adoption.

Homeless dogs in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda An

Homeless dogs in need of sponsorship (Mdzananda Animal Clinic)

Sponsorship covers the cost of the animal’s living from the day it arrives to its daily needs. A sponsorship of R950 from the public covers the cost of the first month’s stay. This includes sterilization, vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick treatment, and food. A cost of R 595 per month will follow thereafter.

People can also donate what little they can from the following options:

  • Sterilization R350 (cost price excluding veterinary time) / R500 (veterinary time included)
  • R50: vaccination
  • R20: dewormer
  • R40: flea and tick treatment
  • R15: food for a day

Donations and sponsorships go a long way. Brookly, a puppy who arrived at the clinic with a deadly virus called Distemper, and an owner who no longer wanted her, has made a full recovery and is in need of a home.

“It’s so sad for me when puppies grow up in a shelter. They should spend their happiest times with their puppy without a family, ”says du Plessis.

If you would like to sponsor a pet for a Christmas experience, donate to Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Agency: Rondebosch, Agency code: 025009, Reference: Your name chosen pet + Your name or visit https: //

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