Vetsource Names Leatha Lynch Director of Regulatory Affairs; Implements innovations in pharmaceutical process efficiency, packaging and sustainability

Continuous innovation in pet pharmacy processes leads to quality advancements and decreased error rates, and a focus on sustainability keeps packaging from going to landfill.

PORTLAND, Oregon., October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vetsource®, a pet health company that provides industry-leading pharmaceutical, technology and business services to those who care for pets, has appointed Leatha Lynch as Director of Regulatory Affairs and Head Pharmacist. Lynch, who joined Vetsource in June 2022, provides state and federal regulatory compliance for prescription drugs and pet food diets distributed from the company’s West and East Coast pharmacies, located in Portland, Oregon. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.respectively.

Lynch brings 12 years of pharmacy experience to her role ensuring that Vetsource pharmacies meet operational production metrics and service levels, and develops operational and competency technologies and standards to ensure regulatory compliance and consistent quality in pharmaceutical facilities.

“Leatha is a seasoned industry leader with extensive pharmacy and regulatory experience,” said Kurt Green, President and CEO of Vetsource. “She brings strong leadership qualities and deep insight that will enable us to continually evolve the way we anticipate and meet our customers’ needs in a rapidly changing market, and to continue to lead the way in innovation in our pharmaceutical facilities now and in the future.”

Lynch joins Vetsource at a time when the pet industry still lacks a formal pharmacy training program, but the need is greater than ever – some 84.9 million families in United States own at least one pet.

“When pet medications are dispensed from a human pharmacy, there can be varying standards and the possibility of a higher margin of error,” Lynch said. “We train our pharmacists to better serve the pet industry in particular, answer basic medication questions, and ensure proper dosing based on pet-specific factors. The result of this investment is proven by our exceptionally low error rate of 0.002%. Our goal is to make sure the pet receives exactly what the vet ordered, and that the process for the pet owner is quick and easy.”

Vetsource’s pharmaceutical operations, which were restructured in 2021 in response to the global pandemic, followed by the company’s opening of an additional East Coast pharmacy, play a critical role in the prescription management ecosystem by Vetsource. As a result, impactful efficiencies, packaging innovations, and a commitment to sustainable community practices have led to drastically decreased error rates, less waste, and the ability to deliver essential medicines to animals. company that otherwise could not receive them.

Safe and efficient process improvements

A streamlined process for reviewing, validating and approving prescriptions, without sacrificing quality or accuracy of service, has resulted in a decreased error rate from 1 in 20,000 to now 1 in 50,000. Frequent cross-training has led the company to minimize lost productivity and successfully fill over 90% of prescriptions the same day they are received.

Sustainable cold chain solutions

Due to the urgent and life-saving nature of many pet medications, such as refrigerated insulin, rock-solid cold chain shipping is essential. To mitigate the risk of temperature excursions or broken glass containers, Vetsource performs certified temperature testing annually and ships all cold chain orders overnight. The polystyrene packaging, covered with reflective foam and intended for landfill, was exchanged July 2022 for recyclable plastic packaging made in the USA from reused materials, dramatically reducing the risk of supply chain safeguards and potentially keeping over 10,000 packages out of the landfill in the first 14 weeks alone.

Pet Medicine Donations

Because animal welfare suffers when human welfare suffers, the pharmacy team makes a quarterly donation of returned or damaged reusable medication to the PAW team, a local organization. Portland non-profit that provides pet medicine to owners of homeless animals. On average, more 60 miscellaneous drugs that would otherwise be discarded chemicals are donated quarterlyeach containing hundreds of doses of flea and tick medicine and other essential medicines.

“As a pioneer in pet pharmacy home delivery, it’s gratifying to know that every day we ship tens of thousands of important items to pet owners across the country. , thus playing a small part in keeping the animals happy and healthy,” Green said. .

Veterinary source provides innovative pharmaceutical, technology and business services to the companion animal health industry. At Vetsource, we strive to be the most trusted advocate in a rapidly changing world and are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers chart the course towards a better and brighter future for pets and those who take care of it. Our data-powered platform removes complexities and simplifies workflows to help veterinarians, retailers and others in the pet health industry drive engagement, loyalty and positive experiences that ensure strong relationships. Vetsource’s solutions include prescription management, data and information, and customer engagement. Founded in 2008 to help veterinary practices compete in the online marketplace with a home delivery solution, Vetsource now has over 600 employees and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Additional offices are located in Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Torontoas well as pharmacies in several places.

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