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I was going to finish my travelogues this week – my account of when we went to pay homage to the Queen of England and what we did after that – but I got distracted. No, I felt the urge to paint a portrait of something closer to home this week, a vignette of a small business and non-profit organization that is reaching out into the larger community. beautiful in manners. My travelogues can wait; this one can’t!

For those of you who know me, you also know that my charitable heart rests with the charity I helped found in 2016, South County Animal Rescue. I’ll be happy to donate to other charities that cross my path – especially if they’re animal related – but my SCAR has a part of me that I can never take back; so, I always feel privileged to help them where I can, market where I can, donate, etc. Life without parole, as they say.

SCAR was looking for a place to hold a beautiful fundraiser based on “Howl’oween” dogs – pun intended – with costume contests, dog games, merchandise and more. They were hoping for a nice local vineyard location to invite them into their friendly setting, a destination where they could invite other people in addition and where it would be a win-win for all.

Remember that SCAR, despite being a non-profit organization (which cost us blood, sweat, tears and more than a dollar or two, long ago ), doesn’t capture the big marketing dollars that other rescues do. No one leaves their Carmel Beach home to SCAR or sells a new Lamborghini and donates the proceeds to SCAR. Sure, the rescue would like that, but it’s not happening.

No, SCAR does the day-to-day rescue work on site, picking up animals from the streets or accepting abandonments or litters or rehousings, assisting with vaccination clinics and neutering; but they mainly need to fundraise to make that happen. This small group of volunteers must constantly find creative ways to make the funds they do to be able to do the groundwork necessary to fulfill the commitment of their mission statement.

I am always amazed and amazed when they provide the latest number of rescues they have performed. There is a special paradise for people of this caliber.

SCAR’s Animal Champions had trouble finding such a place; so, I asked around trying to be helpful. My friend told me that Rustique Wines off River Road was a very nice place. Maybe they would like to help.

The answer was a simple “yes, of course”, and that’s where SCAR’s annual “Howl’oween” fundraiser came into its own.

When SCAR hosts an event, I also like to take the opportunity to accompany and sign a few of my books, so I can go ahead and give them another donation – also watch their magic in action. As a local writer, I hope this adds an extra dimension to their fundraising, if it’s just that book or journal that people want to follow. Anyway, the fundraiser had found its place for this year and the rescue couldn’t be happier.

I went to the Pinot and Pumpkins Farmer’s Market at the Rustique Wines location over the weekend and there was an amazing crowd of people enjoying themselves. The music, the food, the vendors, the location – and, of course, the wine – made people feel welcome and I couldn’t think of a nicer place to hold an event for SCAR. Room for doggies and people to get together, have a good time and earn money for such a worthy local cause.

“Howl’oween” will take place on Sunday, October 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Rustique Wines on River Road. Bring your favorite furry friend in a cute costume – prizes will be awarded! There will be dog games, SCAR merchandise, raffles, food, popcorn, fun and wine. Fundraising is serious business, but it also has to be fun or people won’t come.

My little black terrorist named Stella (terrier, Schnauzer, dingo, cattle dog mix) has a Little Red Riding Hood costume coming in the mail and I have a feeling she could win “Best of Class”. Other friends of mine are already more excited about it than they are for the real Halloween, and I can see why. Is there anything funnier than a dog in costume? I do not think so. Well, books are pretty fun too, in my world.

So, if you like books and support local authors, don’t hesitate to come and discover them too. I’ll have ‘The Animals Teach Us Everything and Other Short Tails’, ‘Winston Comes Home’ (Second Edition) and my latest tome about my sister, ‘The Rosebud and Her Brilliant Adventures’ – all on sale at the event.

I love shopping in my area and supporting local businesses whenever possible. It’s as if you belong to a cause much bigger and more important than yourself. This may be one of the reasons why we founded SCAR. We saw the need, we acted on it and we made it happen. Now, six years later with many animal lives saved, I am here to say that the baby I delivered all those years ago and with the best of intentions in the world now has a life of its own.

People understand the acronym SCAR, they appreciate the volunteers who put their blood into rescue and all it stands for and who will show up and support them when they need it. Next Sunday is one of those days, folks. It is not because the holidays are approaching that the animal need is diminished.

For those of you familiar with “Give a Puppy for Christmas” promotions, you will know that on New Years many of these puppies are sent away once the family realizes that having a puppy in the home is a big deal. It’s like having a newborn baby and there are many stages in life to go through before you can just let them relax at your feet by the fire.

Do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about SCAR, the Rustic event or my books. I’d like to think I’d have the answers.

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