Woman uses social media to find stolen puppy

UTAH (ABC4) — Now that she has her pup Diamond back, Yazim Bazan says her sense of security is gone.

On Sunday, Yasmin Bazan said a stranger grabbed Diamond by the neck outside her home.

“I was like I was yelling at him and he was pushing me away,” Bazan said.

Bazan says another man ran over and pushed her to the ground. She said a silver SUV then pulled over and the two men got into the car with Diamond.

“I think there are certain breeds that people find desirable and might try and, you know, unfortunately steal from other people,” said Guinn Shuster of the Humane Society of Utah.

Shuster said that’s just one reason people should microchip their pets and make sure they keep their information up to date, including names, addresses and contact details. If your pet goes missing, the microchipping company can include it in the pet’s record.

Shuster also recommended that owners keep current photos of their pets.

“Especially if there are any unique markings or colorations that might not be typical of all dog types,” Shuster said.

The last suggestion might seem a little extreme, but Britta Clark of the Better Business Bureau says some people even put color-safe pet dye on their dog’s tail.

“They will make the dog visible from afar. So if someone picks it up, you should be able to track it,” Shuster said.

Bazan did everything to get his dog back. She called the police, put up signs and shared photos on social media. Two days after posting, a woman messaged him saying she had seen his pup. Thanks to this woman’s tip and the Murray Police Department, Diamond is now home with her family.

While the Better Business Bureau said social media can help the community come together to find a pet, it warns people to be wary of anyone who sends them a message saying they’ve found their pet. If that person asks for money, the BBB says you should contact the police immediately.

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