Workers recall when they found an abandoned puppy outside a business

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – On Thursday, Jan. 20, surveillance video surfaced of a puppy being thrown from a car and dumped outside Halco Production Machining.

Some employees of the Shreveport company noticed the pup after returning from a lunch break.

“So we went to lunch around 11 a.m. with managers and then we came back. A car right here, I noticed a dog was underneath, really scared and cold. Quality Manager Shane Smithers I got him here and it took about an hour to get Buster [the puppy] acclimated, but we brought him into the factory and fed him,” said human resources manager Chauncey Howe.

After making sure the pup was comfortable, an employee working as a machinist decided to give him a home and named him Buster.

“It broke my heart at first. I got to the parking lot, saw the dog here and he just looked lost, so he tried to follow me for a bit and he wasn’t sure. So I went inside and had a snack and brought him out and coaxed him and fed him a little bit and fell in love with him instantly,” Larry said. farmer.

Tune News KSLA 12 tonight to hear from a woman who claims to be the puppy’s owner.

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