Yoon’s 7 pets will become the “first pets”

A photo of Yoon and his dog Jindo Tori (Yoon’s campaign team)

President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol’s seven pets are set to become the country’s “first pets” after his inauguration on May 10.

Childless, Yoon and his wife Kim Kun-hee have lived with four dogs — Tori, Narae, Mari and Sunny — and three cats — Akkaengi, Navi and Norangi — since they married in 2012. He will become the president with the most pets.

Among them, the dog Jindo Tori is particularly well known to the public for starring in a news photo of then-Attorney General Yoon strolling through his neighborhood in Seocho-gu, Seoul, days after he was suspended from work for two months on November 2. February 24, 2020 in a high-profile clash with the Minister of Justice.

A photo of Yoon lying on his bed with his pets (Yoon's campaign team)

A photo of Yoon lying on his bed with his pets (Yoon’s campaign team)

Yoon reportedly adopted Tori, a disabled stray dog, from an animal rescue organization in Ulsan. To appeal to animal-loving voters, Yoon’s camp ran an Instagram account for Tori until last October.

As an animal owner, Yoon sent strong messages in support of animal rights.

Referring to the death of a horse after filming a stunt for a KBS TV series, Yoon said that “what is dangerous for humans could also be dangerous for animals. We must work to create an environment safe for animals and people,” in a Facebook post late last month.

He also pledged earlier to introduce a standardized system for medical expenses for pet care, stamp out illegal dog factories and expand spaces in pet shelters. He also promised to promote the abolition of the dog meat trade.

Incumbent President Moon Jae-in also adopted an abandoned dog named Tori and kept him at the Blue House.

By Choi Jae-hee ([email protected])

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