Yorkshire dog owners rave as New Year’s fireworks leave animals ‘petrified’

Devastated pet owners who watched their cats and dogs hide and curl up in terror as hundreds of fireworks exploded across Yorkshire struck those behind the ‘unnecessary’ displays.

The Yorkshire skies were awash in color when we saw the back of 2021.

People were on hand to watch 2022 arrive and, with it, hopefully find some optimism.

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However, the area’s pets started the year with a whimper rather than a bang as they hid during numerous fireworks displays.

Yorkshire Live asked pet owners on Facebook whether or not their furry friends had managed to cope with the noise, but as you might expect, many didn’t fare so well.

Lesley Govier replied, “We had fireworks in our area but it wasn’t even midnight, it was around 10:30 pm. One of my dogs hates them and runs around barking his head and getting angry. It’s so unnecessary.

Gladys Barraclough-Fairhouse added, “No. It’s the same every year. The bangers start weeks before and they continue day and night. My little doggie is petrified. I could handle one day in the year but it’s never ending.

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Alison Orange Stafford said the vet prescribed medication for her dog to combat the terror caused by the fireworks.

She wrote: “Even after the vets gave me diazepam, petrified, panting, running from room to room. Heartbreaking to see. Thunder jackets on – tried everything.

Sam Stevens took a different approach to showing his dogs that there was nothing to fear.

He said: “Mine were a little stressed but I put them on a leash to show them what it was about and they were fine at the end of it.”

Kevin Nuttall said: “My dog ​​is fine with the fireworks, just trying to bark the noise.”

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