Young Tiptree’s new pet to star in Tag and Tilly book

A YOUTH who started her own business in her dogged pursuit of getting a new pet is overjoyed after her pup is set to star in a new book.

Lydia Ruffle, from Tiptree, had been fundraising for over a year to get a puppy when she decided to step up her game.

Parents Matthew and Claire told the youngster she needed to show she was ready to take on the responsibility, by raising the necessary funds.

The ten-year-old had raised hundreds of pounds when she started her own business, Lydia’s Hand-Crafted Dog Treats, last March.

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She sold bags of treats for £1 and was greatly supported as she sold 140 packets in the first week alone.

Dad Matthew, 39, says Lydia asked him to write a story about her new pet Tilly the Cockapoo after raising enough money to have him in June.

He was then shocked when a London publisher offered him a book deal for the story he had written.

He said, “I only really wrote that first story as Lydia asked me to, and I was shocked to be offered a publishing deal from the first and only publisher I approached.”

Matthew’s next book, The Adventures of Tag and Tilly, will follow the pup and his friend on outings and adventures.

First illustrations by Tag and Tilly. Photo: Matthew Ruffle

“The first story takes place at the zoo, where the puppies are causing mayhem,” Matthew continued.

“They scare a monkey out of a tree, upset Gary the baboon and get the ball back from the sea lion show.

“Towards the end, they get fired by the manager.”

The children’s book has 20 pages of rhyming verse with illustrations from a Romanian-based company.

Drafts of the artwork are complete and Matthew says it should be finished in color by mid-February.

The publisher should release the book in about 6 months.

In the meantime, Matthew has even written four more stories, which may also be released depending on the initial sales of The Adventures of Tag and Tilly.

Matthew added: “Lydia is extremely excited and asks for progress on a daily basis.”

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